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Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017

USD 499

Before Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio was just a development environment to build Windows and Web applications using C#, Vb.Net..etc. But with Visual Studio 2017, we can develop applications for different operating systems, platforms, and different devices like mobile.
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 is suitable for individual developers, Classroom Learning, Academic research, non-enterprise organizations up to 5 users, and for Open-Source projects contributions. It has features like Peek Definition, Multi-Targeting, Refactoring, Visualize solutions, One-Click Web Deployment, Model Resource Viewer, Code Metrics, Static Code Analysis, and Unit Testing. We can share code between Xamarin Android and iOS UI designers. Purchase VS Professional 2017, use Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Promo Code available here for discount upto 50%; just click on the link.
Visual Studio 2017 allows us to write applications that targets any OS like Linux, Mac, and Windows. For example, you can write  Android, iOS, Web and Node.js applications which run on Linux and Mac OS by using same tools you already know, such as the IntelliSense, debugger, and profilers.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Subscription (New)

USD 1199

With Visual Studio Professional 2017 Subscription, all Visual Studio 2017 Professional features will be available and in-addition you will get extra subscription benefits for small teams. VS 2017 Professional subscription provides Azure credits for development & testing in the cloud, access to core Microsoft Server Software, technical training, collaboration tools, professional support, and much more. Enjoy all these subscription benefits with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Subscription (new). This subscription is available for 12 months and at the end of 12 months, subscription automatically will get expires.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Subscription (Renewal)

USD 799

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional Subscription (new) will get expire at the end of 12 months. To continue VS 2017 Professional Subscription, you must renew at the end of the 12 months. Visual Studio 2017 Professional Subscription renewal also provides same features what we get with a new subscription.

Visual Studio 2017 Professional Subscription Benefits: This subscription provides Developer Tools, Microsoft Software, Cloud Services, and Support & Training.

Developer Tools: VS Professional 2017 Subscription provides access full featured IDE for iOS, Android, Windows & MAC OS, Web & Cloud App development, and other Cross-Platform app development on either PC or MAC. With this subscription, you get Visual Studio Professional 2017 for Windows & MAC. It also provides access to Team Foundation Server and TFS CAL.
Microsoft Server Software: It provides access to Microsoft Core Software. We can download any software provided by Microsoft which required for our development projects. We can download Windows & Windows Server Operating Systems, Office Professional Plus 2016, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Exchange software depending on development projects requirements.
Cloud Services: This Subscription provides the free access to Azure developer services, VS Team Services (access to an unlimited number of accounts), PowerBI Pro & Office 365 Developer Subscription.
Support & Training: We get world-class technical training on all latest technologies and platforms through Pluralsight, Opsgility training for Cloud, Xamarin University for mobile development. It also provides Microsoft Professional Technical Support; we can create incidents with Microsoft for any support on the subscription products.

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Subscription (New)

USD 5999

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 edition has all VS Professional 2017 features and in-addition it has some more features for larger Enterprises. Other than Visual Studio Professional 2017 features, VS Enterprise 2017 has features like Code Clone, Architectural Layer Diagrams, Architecture Validation, Live Dependency Validation for integrated development environment; Manual Testing, Fast-forward, and Exploratory Testing with Microsoft Test Manager, IntelliTest, Lab Management, Coded UI Testing, Live Unit Testing, Test Case Management, Microsoft Fakes, Web Load & Performance Testing, Code Coverage for Testing Tools features; IntelliTrace, .NET Memory Dump Analysis, Code Map Debugger Integration features for Debugging and Diagnostics; Xamarin Profiler & Inspection, Embedded Assemblies for Cross-Platform mobile development. Enterprise edition is suitable for bigger organizations which more than 250 PCs. With VS Enterprise 2017 subscription, we will get all some extra features like including all Microsoft software’s, Pluralsight courses, Azure credits, and professional technical support.

Buy this Enterprise edition subscription using Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Promo Code to get discount up to 40%. To claim your discount, just click on the below offer link. It redirects to Microsoft Store Online where you can to do payment by applying maximum available discount. This subscription ends at the end of 12 months, and you have to renew your subscription to enjoy the VS Enterprise 2017 edition features continually.

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Subscription (Renewal)

USD 2569

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 New Subscription expires after 12 months. If you want to enjoy enterprise edition features continuously, you should renew your subscription. The new subscription will not be renewed automatically; you must activate auto renew option for your account on Microsoft Store. With VS Enterprise 2017 subscription renewal also you will get all subscription benefits what we have with a new subscription.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Subscription provides a full set of resources to create, manage, and deploy the applications on various platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. By using this subscription, we can deploy the Xamarin mobile applications on Android or iOS platform also. We can also access all Microsoft Server software’s (which includes present & past software’s) virtually. It also provides facility to develop and test the applications on the cloud. Microsoft also provides professional technical training on various Microsoft technologies and professional support also with this subscription.

VS Enterprise 2017 subscription provides End-to-End DevOps tools and Services to deliver high-quality software to your customer. These tools also help you to diagnose and fix the problems whether in production or local environment in shorter time. Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 editions come with various integrated testing tools which help you to manage the test cases, performance testing, automated unit testing, and also helps you to exploratory your testing. If you are a mobile developer, VS Enterprise 2017 provides mobile specific QA tools to test your mobile application on various mobile devices. You can develop mobile applications which can target different mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows); these mobile apps can be standalone apps, browser based (HTML), or hybrid apps.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Subscription (New)

USD 2169

Microsoft released separate edition of Visual Studio for quality check called Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2017. Microsoft offers this Visual Studio edition through subscription. It provides comprehensive testing tools to provide the best quality throughout the development cycle. VS Test Professional 2017 Subscription also provides standard subscription benefits like Azure credits for development on the cloud, professional technical training, technical support, server software, and much more.

Use Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Promo Code while purchasing a subscription at Microsoft Store to get a discount. Your subscription valid for 12 months and end of 12 months your subscription will expire like other editions. You should activate automatic renew an option to enjoy the Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 subscription features.

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Subscription (Renewal)

USD 899

You can renew your Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Subscription at Microsoft Online Store. VS Test Professional 2017 has many advantages to streamline the quality of your applications. With this edition, you get the access to test hub in Team Foundation Server and VS Team Services. It helps you to manage all test activities like test planning, execution, tracking, and authoring with all quality features. This testing tool provides action recording, rich data capturing, bug-reporting capabilities and commenting with annotations. This edition Visual Studio also helps you to record manual test cases results. Use the Promo Code available below to get the great discount while purchasing the Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 Subscription.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

For many coders, Visual Studio has been a crucial tool in their field. Visual Studio provides many opportunities for coding that many programmers loved, with its plethora of instruments and constant improvements, Visual Studio truly is a great tool for them. Visual Studio has always been praised for its invaluable help when it comes to web development, with its ASP NET features, IntelliSense and much more that help coders.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 continues the excellent service of its predecessors by bringing new and improved tools to the table that will help coders improve their work. Many of the improvements done to the new Visual Studio 2017 came from the feedback of those who use it – from the programmers themselves; this assures that you are getting the tools that you need without the clutter of instruments that you are not going to use. Visual Studio 2017 prioritizes a better coding experience and efficiency assuring satisfaction from the coders who use it.

The new Visual Studio 2017 has many new features that programmers will surely enjoy, and it all begins with the installation. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017’s installation procedures have been made easier, so installation runs faster and makes as little impact on your system as possible. The installation also allows you to install all three IDEs at once, that includes Visual Studio 2017 Community, Enterprise, and Pro editions, this gives you the ability to use three different IDEs on one computer for various purposes and uses.

The Start Page has been revised. You now can pin projects and search for projects and project templates. You can also open folders directly and instead of having the “Recents” tab you now have more options for the projects are now grouped into “Today” and “This Week” categories.

Working with solutions that contain a ton of projects can be time-consuming to load. Now, as a new feature, Visual Studio 2017 has Lightweight Solution Loading, this option accessible through the Tools tab, this lets you load massive projects at a fraction of the time.

IntelliSense has always been a pioneering feature of Visual Studio, and now in Visual Studio 2017, IntelliSense has been improved with the addition of IntelliSense filters, giving you the ability to narrow down to the properties, methods or events that you need.

With the new refactoring in Visual Studio 2017, the compiler has been rewritten to run in the background and give you tips while you code.

For teams of coders, coding styles and conventions can now be evened out with the addition of the EditConfig file. Now teams can define their coding styles and conventions using the EditConfig file improving readability and efficiency when coding.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 also gives a strong emphasis to debugging. The new Visual Studio 2017 is armed with the greatest debugging tools that code needs. Essential debugging features have been added or improved; the code navigation has been enhanced, the code navigation has been improved and can now filter the codes that you need, a new feature Click To Run, and Live Unit Testing has also been added. These features help you find problematic codes and address them properly. With the improved Exception Helper, fixing problematic lines of codes can be done easily because the new Exception Helper now gives better and more precise information when you encounter errors while helping you fix such errors.

The new Visual Studio 2017is a great testament to software that is made from the feedback of the users themselves. The features improve work efficiency, coding experience, and productivity. Visual Studio 2017’s new features is truly a worthwhile experience for many coders.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 brings great improvements and excellent new features this time. It still boasts the vital coding tools that let programmers code smoothly and efficiently. The new VS 2017 is more streamlined for better performance using the feedback from the users of previous Visual Studio editions. It has improved many tools and added some features includes the revamped IntelliSense, Live Unit Testing, and much more.

By completing the installation setup, you can find improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. The installation procedure is one of the greatest investment in VS 2017. With Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft has reduced the installation time so that we can spend more time on coding instead of spending time on setup. The main setup editor is now very smaller, trimmed down to only a few hundred megabytes while still containing the necessary elements such as syntax aware coding, source code control, and work item management. The setup was redesigned, every group tool we require is now grouped into workloads. Workloads give you the tools you need for a particular type of development so that there is less clutter that gets installed and reduce the number of instruments that we are not using. There are around 20 different kinds workloads for Visual Studio from C++, R, and other programming needs.

There are three IDEs available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017; you can choose either one IDE or install multiple IDEs. The available IDEs in VS 2017 are Community, Professional, and Enterprise. Community IDE provides the access for basic need for individual development, academic, and educational purposes such as C++, NET, NOJS, R, and much more. The Professional IDE has some added features compared to Community iDE including CodeLens. Through CodeLens, you can understand more about your code; the changes were done, testing, and whether the code is in the latest form or not. In Enterprise IDE, one more feature is packed such as Live Unit Testing. With Live Unit Testing, you do not have to worry about errors in your code while modifying your code because Live Unit Testing continuously tests them in the background and highlights any problematic code. We can also customize Live Unit Testing and the tests it performs.

The new Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is packed with features that coders and web developers will like. The another great feature is, it continuously improved with user feedback and gave an even better coding experience.

So what are you waiting for, use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Promo Code available above to purchase Visual Studio 2017 at great discount and enjoy VS 2017 experiences.